How to build an Igloo in Swedish Lapland
From the pure white snow! Build your igloo in Jokkmokk! Do you like a challenge? How about the challenge to build your own igloo, snow house from snow blocks? It is a special feeling to use the snow we have all around us to build a super ecological home in the snow.We use block of snow when we build up our igloo. It’s almost like an art and not easy to put together, but you will certainly make it! Igloo building is a great adventure and a team activity, we need to work with three to four people to built one. Of course we can build it with two people, but that takes a lot of effort. The only tools we need are special igloo knifes and snow saws to cut and shape all the blocks. The igloo work is a pleasure, but we will need some rest, several times, beside the fireplace drinking hot lemonade, eating lunch and enjoy the fire. The hot flames from the fire never cease to fascinate. Can it be better than this? Snow, fire and your own made igloo, made from snow in Swedish Lapland