Go Eco


…Leave nothing but footprints.

NatuLife recived in 2010 the national quality label for nature tours – “Natures best”. I am also members of the Swedish Ecotourism Society and believe that this is essential to my work and the environment. Two of our nature tours, Igloo Weekend in Saltoluokta and Ski tour in Muddus had achieve the label of quality. You can read more about it here on Nature´s Best´s webbpage.

Many of NatuLife´s tours take place in Pine forests in the surroundings of Jokkmokk. For us the forest is more than just a supply of timber – without it, you would be unable to experience the incredible atmosphere that an ancient forest provides.

For every ten guest on our short tours and for every guest on the long tours,we support the foundation“ Naturarvet “ (A Click For The Forest) by buying a Pine tree. All profits go towards saving the ancient Swedish forests