Jokkmokk (on (Lule) sami, Jåhkåmåhkke or Dálvvadis) is a small community just north of the Arctic Circle.The Municipality of Jokkmokk is Sweden’s second largest and is home to approximately 5200 inhabitants. Jokkmokk has a high proportion of Sami population and you have the opportunity to visit Ajtte in Jokkmokk which is the Swedish Mountain and Sami museum as well as Sami Duodji (The name for the Council for Sami Handicraft which sells Sami handicrafts).

Jokkmokk has mountains to the west, but most importantly, it is one of Sweden’s greatest and oldest forest areas which, among other things, has part of Sweden’s largest protected “ancient forest” under cultivation – Muddus.

Muddus is part of the World Heritage area Laponia. Laponia has an interesting cultural history including reindeer herding and large areas of protected nature. The Municipality has set aside so much natural habitat that the forest regions have become a tremendous resource – in many ways.

According to our Jokkmokks own ‘calendar’, we begin the year on the first Thursday in February when Jokkmokks winter market takes place. Now the daylight is returning and the days become much longer each day. Come and celebrate with us – Jokkmokks Winter Market is really something special!

- Or simply come to visit us whenever you want!